Tango, Performance Studies, Cultural Studies, Musicology, History, Sociology



Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL)

Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias

  • Doctorate in Humanities, specializing in Music - March 2016 - Present

         Dissertation project:

                    Historia del Tango en la Ciudad de Santa Fe, c.1920-1998: Producción, Distribución, Consumo y Regulación musical

                      (History of Tango in Santa Fe City, c.1920-1998: Musical Production, Distribution, Consumption and Regulation)

         Advisor: Dr. Marina Cañardo (Universidad de Buenos Aires-EHESS)

Abstract of my Doctorate Thesis:
Tango –musical genre, poetry, and dance native to the geographical region of the Río de la Plata–, has been mobilized since the beginning of the 20th century by divers means to different cities generating a variety of sound results. This musicological research historically constructs a view on the musical production, distribution, consumption, and regulation around the tango phenomenon in the city of Santa Fe (Argentina) between the years 1920 and 1998. This construction is done from the testimonies of musicians, producers and fans, sound and audiovisual records of tango groups, scores, newspaper documents, contracts, and concert programs, among other documents. The historical narration has a strong sociological imprint made from a critical hermeneutic on the sources to which are added different analyzes of the constituent elements of musical performances: scores, staging, body use and recordings. As consequence, one (another) history is created about the artistic manifestation of tango that does not wish to be conceived as, nor integrate “the history of Argentine tango”.

Graduate Courses

Universidad Nacional del Litoral

  • Studies in Popular Music, Dr. Juan Pablo González, 45 hours, 3 UCA, July and August 2019

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

  • Perspectives and Techniques for the Study of Latin American Popular Music, Dr. Leonardo Waisman and Dr. Rubén López Cano, 40 hours, 2 UCA, May and June 2019

Universidad Nacional de Rosario

  • Musical Analysis, Composer Jorge Horst, 45 hours, 3 UCA, May and June 2019

Universidad Nacional del Litoral

  • Cultural mobility, diaspora and internationality. Current trends in the study of twentieth-century Latin American academic music, Dr. Daniela Fugellie (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago de Chile), 45 hours, 3 UCA, December 2018

  • The Invention of Critical Theory: An Introduction to the Frankfurt School, Dr. Pedro Karczmarczyk y Dr. Gustavo Robles, 45 hours, 3 UCA, October 2017

  • Currents of Contemporary Thought, Dr. Samuel M. Cabanchik, 60 hours, 4 UCA, August, September and October 2017

Universidad Nacional de Rosario  

  • Musical Aesthetics, Dr. Edgardo Salinas, 45 hours, 3 UCA, August 2017

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba  

  • Musical Performance, Dr. Marina Cañardo, 40 hours, 2 UCA, July and September 2017

Universidad Nacional del Litoral

  • Music and Representation: Current Approaches and Perspectives, Dr. Omar Corrado, 45 hours, 3 UCA, June 2017

  • Epistemology, Dr. Adriana Gonzalo y Dr. Griselda Parera, 45 hours, 3 UCA, April, May and June 2017

  • Research Methodology in the Specific Field (Music): Current Debates in Popular Music Studios, Dr. Juliana Guerrero, 45 hours, 3 UCA, July 2016

  • Research Methodology in the Specific Field (Music), Dr. Roxana Prósperi and Dr. Juliana Guerrero, 90 hours, 6 UCA, July, August and December 2016

  • Traditional and Popular Music: Analytical Perspectives, Dr. Enrique Cámara de Landa, 45 hours, 3 UCA, August 2016

  • Critical and Interpretive Research Methodologies in Contemporary Musicology, Dr. Edgardo Salinas, 45 hours, 3 UCA, July 2016

​Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Instituto Superior de Musica

  • Licentiate in Music with Guitar Orientation March 2009 - May 2015

         Dissertation project: La Orquesta Típica “Florida”: Santa Fe, c.1948-1974  (The Typical Orchestra “Florida”: Santa Fe, c. 1948-1974)



Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Research Director: Dr. M. Veronica Galfione (UNC) // 2018-2019

  • Participant in CAI+D Project: La política del arte. Las posibilidades de pensar políticamente el arte tras la crisis de las promesas de la modernidad estética (The politics of art. The possibilities of thinking politically art after the crisis of the promises of aesthetic modernity)

Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Research Director: Mag. Hernán Vázquez (UBA-UNR) // 2017 - 2018

  • Participant in the project (1HUM593): Procesos de Institucionalización de la Creación Musical en Rosario: Segunda Etapa, 1935-1968 (Processes of Institutionalization of Musical Creation in Rosario: Second Stage, 1935-1968)

Consejo Federal de Inversiones

Research Director: Dr. Fabiana Alonso (UNL) // 2015

Universidad Nacional del Litoral                                                     

Research Director: Proff. Edgardo Blumberg (UNL) // 2014

  • Research Extension Internship, Dissertation project: 2do Movimiento de la 8va Sinfonía N° 8 de Gustav Mahler (2nd Movement of 8th Symphony N° 8 of Gustav Mahler)

Research Director: Prof. Adriana Crolla (UNL) // 2013 - 2014

  • Participation in CAI+D Project: La interrelación de las artes en los siglos XX y XXI: revisión de instrumentos teóricos para su estudio y proyecciones a la didáctica de la música (The interrelation of the arts in the 20th and 21st centuries: review of theoretical instruments for their study and projections to the didactics of music)



Research Articles

  • “Gabriel de Pedro Quintet: Decisions in Search for a Sonority,” Brolly. Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 2 N°2, London: London Academic Publishing, August 2019.

  • “Chain of decision in musical performance,” El Oído Pensante, Vol. 6, N°2, Buenos Aires: CONICET, August 2018

  • “La Orquesta Típica ‘Florida’ (Santa Fe, ca. 1948-1974),” in Revista del Instituto Superior de Música, N°15, pp. 104-133, Santa Fe: Universidad Nacional del Litoral, August 2016

Critical Articles

  • “Guitarra y Jazz en Santa Fe,” Apuntes de Jazz, N°6, pp. 8-10, Santa Fe: Secretaría de Cultura de la UNL, March 2016



Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina - IV Congreso de la Asociación Regional para América Latina y el Caribe de la Sociedad Internacional de Musicología (ARLAC/IMS)

  • “La interpretación del tango en la ciudad de Santa Fe a través de sus grabaciones (1956, 1976 y c.1985)”, November 9th, 2019

Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Secretaría de Bienestar, Salud y Calidad de Vida: Área de Inclusión y Calidad de Vida y la Asociación de Jubilados y Pensionados de la UNL

  • “Evolución de la ciudad y creación de la UNL,” September 13th, 2019

Universidad Nacional de La Plata - XXIII Conferencia de la Asociación Argentina de Musicología y XIX Jornadas Argentina de Musicología del Instituto Nacional de Musicología

  • “Gabriel de Pedro Quinteto, decisions in the search of a sonority,” August 24, 2018

Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Encuentros de Jóvenes Investigadores

  • “Comparative analysis of the technical fundamentals and musical performance of the typical orchestra Juan DˈArienzo (Bs. As.) and Florida (Sta. Fe),” October 3, 2017

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - XXI Jornadas de Investigación en Artes

  • “Chain of decisión in musical performance,” September 15, 2017

Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Musicos en Congreso 2017

  • “Doubts about the teaching of musical interpretation,” September 8, 2017



Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Instituto Superior de Música (FHUC)

  • Chief of Practical Applications, Historia de a Música II                          2019 - Present

Liceo Municipal de Santa Fe “Antonio Fuentes del Arco” (Profesorado and FPI)

  • Internal Professor, History of Argentine and Latin American Music            2018 - Present

  • Internal Professor, History of Western Music I ; II                                    2018 - Present

  • Professor, History of Western Music I, II, III                                           2016 - 2018

Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Instituto Superior de Musica

  • Assistant Professor, History of Music III                                                  2015

  • Tutor, History of Music I                                                                    2014


Workshop Taught

Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias

  • Cine and philosophy. Point of Convergence, April 20th, 2018.

Universidad Nacional de Jujuy - Instituto Superior en Artes

  • Musical Performance: The interpretation of “academy” and “popular” music, July 17-18, 2017


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